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Pull the Plug on Unfair Retail Energy Practices

Posted on 03/08/24

Maryland State Capital Building

Join AARP Maryland in the fight to protect consumers from predatory energy sales tactics.

We've all experienced those relentless calls, pesky mailers, or unexpected knocks on the door from retail energy suppliers. They seem to be everywhere, pitching low-cost clean energy solutions at malls, big box stores, and even outside government offices. Their promises of reducing gas and electric bills, often accompanied by enticing offers like gift cards or airline miles, can be tempting. But too often, these third-party suppliers resort to predatory sales tactics, luring people into contracts with variable rates that end up costing more than sticking with regulated utilities.

Thankfully, Maryland Senator Malcolm Augustine and Delegate Brian Crosby have introduced House Bill 267/Senate Bill 1 Electricity and Gas – Retail Supply – Regulation and Consumer Protection. This crucial legislation aims to rein in these unscrupulous sales tactics.

The bill offers essential price protections to ensure that retail energy remains affordable. It also establishes stricter standards for "clean energy" marketing and promotions while expanding oversight by the Maryland Public Service Commission.

Can you spare a minute to let Governor Moore know why this legislation matters to you? A personal email from you could be the difference between this bill becoming law or not.

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