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Celebrating Women's History Month 2024: A Recap of AARP Georgia's Empowering Activities

Posted on 04/19/24

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ATLANTA, Georgia -- March has come and gone, leaving behind a trail of inspiration and empowerment as AARP Georgia celebrated Women's History Month with a series of impactful events and initiatives. From honoring women veterans to promoting self-care and empowerment, here's a glimpse into the enriching activities that marked the special month of March 2024:

1. AARP Georgia’s 2024 Women’s Leadership Luncheon

AARP Georgia hosted a memorable Women's Leadership Luncheon on March 27 at the Carter Center in Atlanta. The event featured AARP Georgia Staste Director Debra Tyler-Horton, Jil Hinds, and distinguished guests, including Commissioner Patricia Ross.

Commissioner Ross, a retired colonel with extensive military service and current Commissioner of Veterans Affairs, shared her journey of overcoming adversity and outlined initiatives to support women veterans. The luncheon provided a vibrant platform for women leaders to connect and discuss pressing issues.

Tyler-Horton announced her retirement, leaving a legacy of empowerment. AARP Georgia Volunteer State President Myrtle Habersham urged attendees to support veterans, echoing Commissioner Ross's message: "The future is female."

2. Women Veterans Day at the Georgia Capitol

AARP Georgia proudly stood alongside our nation's heroes at the 9th Annual Women Veterans Day at the Georgia Capitol. ASD Jil Hinds, along with veteran volunteers Retired Col. Angela Odom and Retired Master Sergeant Monica Bailey, paid tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of women who have served in the armed forces.

3. Davis Broadcasting’s 20th Annual Women’s Empowerment Luncheon | Columbus

AARP Georgia continued its commitment to empowering women by sponsoring the 20th Annual Women’s Empowerment Luncheon in Columbus. Hillary Johnson, Manager of Outreach and Volunteer Engagement, shared in the celebration and had the honor of awarding the AARP Self-Care Day $250 Gift Card to the deserving Jasmyn Green.

4. League of Women Voters Presentation in Macon

In Macon, AARP Georgia took the opportunity to engage with the community on vital issues such as voter education, our key advocacy issues of caregiving, financial security, and the expansion of age-friendly communities across the state. Alice Bennett, along with Myrtle S. Habersham, delivered an enlightening presentation to members of the League of Women Voters, reinforcing AARP's commitment to advocacy and education.

5. Center for Asian Pacific American Women (CAPAW) Third Annual Women of Color Conference

Diversity and inclusion were at the forefront as AARP Georgia participated in the CAPAW Women of Color Conference. Sr. Program Specialist Jenny Jensen played a pivotal role in organizing the event and co-led a session on mental well-being and mindfulness alongside Anjana Dayal de Prewitt, the Director, DEI Consultation, American Red Cross, and Senior Fellow, The King Center for Nonviolent Social Change. This collaboration underscored AARP's dedication to supporting women of all backgrounds.

6. Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit

Rounding off the month on a high note, AARP Georgia was represented at the prestigious Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit. Hillary Johnson, Paula Rogers, and Hillary Williams Thomas seized the opportunity to network, learn, and be inspired by the trailblazing women shaping the future of business and leadership.

AARP Georgia remains steadfast in its commitment to uplifting and empowering women of all ages and backgrounds throughout each Women’s History Month and beyond. Together, we celebrate the past, embrace the present, and pave the way for a future where every woman can thrive. Here's to the remarkable women who continue to make history every day.

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