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  • La Crosse Community Planning Team Volunteer

    Ongoing | AARP Wisconsin

    La Crosse Community Planning Team volunteers, in partnership with AARP staff, help bring AARP to life in the City of La Crosse. As a community planning team volunteer you will join a fun group of individuals who enhance the life of those 50+ in La…. Read More »

  • Community Outreach Volunteer - La Crosse

    Ongoing | AARP Wisconsin

    Community Outreach volunteers, in partnership with AARP staff and the La Crosse Community Planning Team, help bring AARP to life in the City of La Crosse. As a community outreach volunteer you will join a fun group of individuals who engage with…. Read More »

  • AARP Wisconsin Fraud Fighter Volunteer

    Ongoing | AARP Wisconsin

    AARP Wisconsin Fraud Fighters educate communities on how to detect and avoid fraud and scams. Fraud Fighters inform and direct consumers to the appropriate agencies for assistance for these issues. Volunteers may choose to do any combination of…. Read More »

  • Wisconsin Executive Council Member

    Ongoing | AARP Wisconsin

    The Executive Council member is part of a team of leadership volunteers, who under the guidance of the State President and the State Director, carry out AARP’s strategic priorities within the state. ****If interested in applying for this…. Read More »

  • SDTEK Workshop Presenter

    Ongoing | Driver Safety

    As a Smart DriverTEK Workshop Presenter, you'll be helping mature drivers in your community to learn about new vehicle safety technology.. Read More »

Community Volunteer Opportunities

Create the Good ®

  • Telephone Reassurance Program-Volunteers Needed

    Ongoing | Vital Voices for Mental Health

    The Telephone Reassurance Program is looking for volunteers to offer a friendly and familiar voice on the phone on a regular basis. Our services are offered at no charge to all seniors, 60 years or... Read More »

  • Disaster Action Team

    Ongoing | American Red Cross

    Disaster Action Team: While big hurricanes and wildfires get the most news coverage, smaller disasters are no less devastating to the families affected. Most of the 60,000 emergencies that the Red... Read More »

  • Disaster Shelter Worker

    Ongoing | American Red Cross

    Shelter Support Team volunteers support the day-to-day activities within a shelter, which may include working in reception, registration, feeding, dormitory, information or other areas. Free online... Read More »

  • Disaster Response Volunteer

    Ongoing | American Red Cross - Wisconsin Region

    This summer, turn your compassion into action when you volunteer with the American Red Cross. Communities across the country count on the Red Cross every day. The need remains critical and constant... Read More »

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