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  • Social Security Scams in 2024

    Posted on 04/24/24

    One of the most popular ways for criminals to steal money and sensitive information is by impersonating a trusted source — often a government agency. According to the Federal Trade Commission,…
  • IRS Scams

    Posted on 04/12/24

    Tax season isn't just about filing returns; it's also prime time for IRS impostor scams. According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers reported theft of $5.8 million via these scams in 2023…
  • AARP Pennsylvania Raises Awareness on Social Security Fraud

    Posted on 04/02/24

    AARP Pennsylvania emphasizes the importance of education on the risks and prevention methods of Social Security fraud. With identity theft at the forefront of digital crimes, understanding how to…
  • Beware of Peer-to-Peer Scams

    Posted on 03/28/24

    Many of us have used a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app to split a bill or send money to a friend, and some people even use them for traditional shopping. However, there are inherent risks that exist…
  • Fraud in 2023 By the Numbers

    Posted on 03/21/24

    The numbers are in and last year was yet another historic year for fraud. The Federal Trade Commission released its annual compendium of fraud reports from 2023, and the news is shocking. For the…
  • Spring Break Travel Scams

    Posted on 03/14/24

    It’s that time of year again – the holidays are long past, and summer is still a long way off. It’s time for a spring getaway. But beware, for everyone looking for a great spring break deal there is…
  • Slam the Scam

    Posted on 03/11/24

    According to the Federal Trade Commission, victims of government impostor scams reported nearly $509 million stolen from them in 2022.…
  • Pennsylvania State Tax Guide: What You’ll Pay in 2024

    Posted on 03/07/24

    Here's what to know, whether you're a resident who's working or retired, or if you're considering a move to Pennsylvania.…
  • Getting Help After the Scam

    Posted on 02/23/24

    If there is one thing everyone should understand, it is that “scammers” are career criminals skilled at the art of manipulation, and no one is immune. These crooks target people of any age; in fact,…
  • A New Take on an Old Scam

    Posted on 02/16/24

    One of the oldest scams around involves a criminal getting hold of one of your checks and forging the payee and the amount. Usually this is done by “washing” the check with chemicals to remove the…
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