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  • Connect with AARP to celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month

    Posted on 05/09/24

    If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May, AARP has some opportunities to consider.…
  • Improve Bathroom Safety: Prevent Slips and Falls

    Posted on 05/09/24

    Make your bathroom safer as you age. Discover tips to prevent slips and falls, ensuring a secure environment for daily tasks.…
  • How to Vote in Mississippi's 2024 Elections

    Posted on 04/16/24

    Mississippi: Find upcoming election dates, registration deadlines and options for voting, such as absentee and early voting, or voting with a disability. …
  • AARP Mississippi urges state legislators to close the health coverage gap

    Posted on 04/11/24

    Every day, thousands of Mississippians wake up hoping they’re not sick because they don't have health coverage. Elected officials from around the state can do something to fix this. Closing the…
  • A New Take on an Old Scam

    Posted on 03/20/24

    One of the oldest scams around involves a criminal getting hold of one of your checks and forging the payee and the amount. Usually this is done by “washing” the check with chemicals to remove the…
  • Peer-to-Peer Scams

    Posted on 03/20/24

    Many of us have used a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app to split a bill or send money to a friend, and some people even use them for traditional shopping. However, there are inherent risks that exist…
  • Five Myths About Social Security

    Posted on 03/20/24

    For most of us, Social Security is – or will be -- essential for helping to cover daily living expenses and pay bills as we get older. The bottom line is that Social Security is your money, earned…
  • Want to Improve Your Community? AARP Community Challenge Grant Applications Due March 6

    Posted on 02/23/24

    Most Americans want to stay in their communities for their lifetime, and they need those communities to be ready.…
  • Get Your Free AARP HomeFit® Guide

    Posted on 02/23/24

    Read the free AARP HomeFit® Guide to find low- and no-cost changes you can make now and help your family flourish for years to come.…
  • Celebrating artists and their impact on Black History

    Posted on 01/30/24

    This Black History Month, AARP is joining in the celebration of Black artists and sharing how their work connects us, inspires us and motivates us to do better as a nation.…
Photo of volunteers painting a community mural
Photo of Memorial Day AARP Membership Sale.

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