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  • Illinois: On the Front Lines of Fraud

    Posted on 03/31/24

    In 2023, Federal Trade Commission data shows that Illinois consumers reported total losses from fraud of $244.7 million. To help bring those numbers down, AARP Illinois is working with law…
  • Illinois State Tax Guide: What You’ll Pay in 2024

    Posted on 02/20/24

    Here’s what to know, whether you’re a resident who’s working or retired, or if you’re considering a move to Illinois. …
  • Economic Security for the Black Community: Promoting Equal Pay and Black Businesses

    Posted on 08/09/23

    Supporting Black businesses and advocating for pay equality is crucial for Black 50+ communities. A lack of equitable pay for Black 50+ workers can affect their retirement.…
  • Can Gen Z Help Save Social Security Safety Net?

    Posted on 05/31/23

    College students have plenty of financial concerns, but protecting Social Security isn’t usually on their radar. AARP Illinois hopes to change that with a new initiative aimed at engaging younger…
  • As Online Fraud Grows, Learn Tips to Stay Safe

    Posted on 03/31/23

    Illinois ranked 16th per capita in the number of fraud and other incidents in 2022, with nearly $200 million in fraud losses, according to the Federal Trade Commission.…
  • Helping Students Understand Social Security

    Posted on 02/28/23

    AARP Illinois and Illinois State University are collaborating on a new initiative for the spring semester that will bring student leaders together to discuss how Social Security works and why it…
  • New Retirement Savings Option Available Jan. 1

    Posted on 11/30/22 - By The AARP Bulletin

    Worried about your financial security because your employer does not offer a retirement savings benefit? That is likely to change starting Jan. 1, even for workers at some of Illinois’…
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