Spring into Financial Wellness: Free Online Series to Boost Your Retirement Readiness

Posted on 03/22/24

How ready for retirement are you? In theory, we all know it’s important to plan ahead, but in reality, many of us keep putting it off. According to a 2022 AARP report, 86% of working adults understand the importance of preparing for retirement, but only about 40% feel they are prepared to retire.

Financial challenges can happen to anyone, regardless of age or situation. AARP Massachusetts can help. We have helpful content and resources to help manage financial decisions.

This spring we’re offering an online financial series - built to assist you in better understanding and managing your finances. These events are free to attend, you need only sign up. Webinar topics are Social Security, Preparing for Retirement and Avoiding Scams.

All webinars will be closed captioned. Bring your questions!

Fraud Talk Tuesday: QR Codes and AI Scams
Tuesday, April 9 at Noon

Scammers have figured out how to use the technology all around us – from QR codes and artificial intelligence to voice cloning – to steal from trusting consumers. Now that we are seeing more and more leaflets, signs, advertisements and menus using QR codes, find out what you should keep in mind before you scan one.
We’ll also look at the top three areas for AI scams: Cloned voices of loved ones; “Deepfake" photos or videos; Real-looking personalized emails. Learn how to recognize these high-tech scams and how to protect yourself.
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Retirement Planning: Strategies for Today and Tomorrow
Thursday  April 11 7:00pm
Retirement planning doesn’t have to be daunting. It’s never too early or too late to take charge of your financial future. If you're anxious about retirement, you can still build your stash — with the right moves. Learn tips for determining if you are on track and learn practical strategies to help you achieve retirement peace of mind.
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Social Security: Understanding Your Benefits
Thursday, April 18, 7:00pm
If you would like to have a better sense of how Social Security works, this workshop can help! This discussion will focus on the decisions you will be making about when to claim Social Security benefits and what implications those choices may have on your finances. Topics to be addressed include how to estimate what your monthly benefits will be and how to secure them. We’ll also cover the circumstances that may affect the size of those payments, such as your marital status, years in the workforce and when you opt to claim benefits. The goal is to help you build confidence in your ability to make a decision that is right for you!
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Key Questions to Consider About Medicare Initial Enrollment
Wednesday, May 8th
Looking for clarity when it comes to Medicare? This is where AARP can help. Medicare initial enrollment is complicated, but understanding your personal needs and priorities can help you make informed decisions. Join us for a free virtual seminar in your area for real-time information, tools, and resources to help you find the right plan.
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This story is provided by AARP Massachusetts. Visit the AARP Massachusetts page for more news, events, and programs affecting retirement, health care, and more.

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