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Spring Birding Stroll in Merrimack

Posted on 04/17/24 by Pam Dube

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May is a perfect month to welcome back migrating birds and celebrate our resident feathered gems as the avian world becomes alive with song and brightly colored birds, all focused on creating and rearing the next generation!

Fascinating behaviors and adaptations add to the enchantment of birding in May.

Join Kelly Dwyer on May 9 at 9-10 am or 10:15 to 11:15 am as we explore the beautiful and level trails adjacent to cascading streams in Merrimack’s Twin Bridges Park (485 Daniel Webster Highway). A perfect opportunity for all levels of bird enthusiasts!

Along our walk, we will also discuss and examine:

· Ground-breaking new research behind bird behavior and communication.

· Territory establishment, mate selection and nesting strategies.

· Tips and techniques to identify birds through field marks, song and habitat location.

· Other elements of nature we come across on our walk!

Kelly Dwyer, founder of Nature Education Opportunities, is an award-winning environmental educator and certified NH elementary teacher. She has been creating and delivering engaging programming for audiences of all ages for over 15 years.

As a certified wellness coach, Kelly also brings a deep understanding of the numerous benefits of connecting with the natural world to reduce stress, improve health and embrace a more mindful approach to life and learning.

Space is limited. This event is FREE but you must register here: https://events.aarp.org/birding24

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