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Moving It! - Flexibility and FUNction Classes Available On-Demand

Posted on 07/31/23

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AARP Missouri's online fitness program, Moving It!, part of The Good Life with AARP series, continues to be popular with all who participate.

We were pleased to offer a new Moving It! program called Flexibility and FUNction, which began on December 5, 2022 and ended on February 6th. We thank all who participated and hope you enjoyed it!

For those that missed the classes or want to replay them at your convenience, a link to the playlist of past classes is listed below in the On-Demand section.

Visit this page often to learn of new classes being offered!

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All of our previously offered fitness programs are available for viewing on-demand on AARP Missouri’s YouTube channel.  Check them out and more by clicking HERE

Flexibility and FUNction
Maintaining flexibility and building core strength are key to keeping fit.  Easier said than done, right? Well, it's your lucky day...Flexibility and FUNction will help you do both those things! 

All levels are welcome in this 45-minute low-impact program focused on enhancing joint mobility and building core strength. No experience is necessary for this fun and impactful program.  CLICK HERE to access the playlist for all 8 classes.

Forever Fit
One of the most popular programs we offer in Moving It! is Forever Fit. Sandy, with the St. Louis Jewish Community Center will lead you in a specially designed fitness program for people aged 50+. This low-intensity program offers a great workout for people at all fitness levels. It combines strength, endurance, joint stability, balance and flexibility.

FUNctional Movement
FUNctional Movement (with instruction by Tyler Ferguson) allows you to choose your own exercise level with this new offering.  Mastering better posture and form may be enough for you or maybe you’re ready to elevate your heart rate by engaging in more dynamic exercises.  Whatever fits best for you will be name of the game.  

While all the movements will help increase muscle strength, agility and stability, each person will determine their own exercise level. Activities may include squats, lunges, and twists – all at your fitness and flexibility level.  And…we don’t even have to get on the floor! Yeah!  Movement modifications will be provided by Tyler throughout each program to help everyone find the right fit for them. And, yes, it will be FUN!

The 8-week series ended on May 4th. CLICK HERE for the playlist and watch each session "on demand".

Zumba Lite
Zumba Lite takes things down a notch from a traditional Zumba class but will still have you moving! Work out with low-intensity dance moves designed to get your heart rate up and boost your cardio endurance.
AARP Missouri partnered with the St. Louis Jewish Community Center to deliver this program which ended on April 7th.

Movement for LIFE
AARP Missouri has partnered with fitness expert, Tyler Ferguson, to deliver Movement for LIFE.  This program combines elements of mobility, yoga and fitness classes. Participants will be taken through a series of exercises from head to toe to increase range of motion and create more awareness in the body. You will learn cues for safer workouts which will aid in keeping your body free from injury while getting fit. Miss a class or want to repeat it at your convenience? CLICK HERE for the playlist.

Barre Rhumba
Instruction by Rachel from the St. Louis Jewish Community Center, Barre Rhumba will have you moving to the beat of great music while getting fit. You will strengthen and tone while lengthening muscles with intervals of stretching. Light weights and floor work. Barre Rumba was held on Thursdays, September 16 through November 4, 2021. Replays of this class are only available to those who registered.

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Yoga Conditioning
This program is a blend of traditional Yoga and active strength training.  The design of Yoga Conditioning helps build stamina, enhance range of motion and improve aerobic capacity.  Kick-off each class with a warm-up, followed by interval training using dynamic yoga poses. Instruction provided by fitness professional, Tyler Ferguson. 

Strength & Balance Conditioning
Strength & Balance Conditioning introduced participants to repetition or ‘reps’ of different exercises, alternating exercise and rest for better benefits, and offered a chance for participants to ask questions about exercise modifications. Count on a slow, targeted, warm-up incorporating mobility drills to hydrate tissues and prepare the body and mind.


Yoga for All
Yoga for All is just that – Yoga for people of all experience levels and abilities.  This will be a Hatha style yoga class which emphasizes holding poses for long periods of time. It is made up of three main practices: body postures, breathing techniques, and meditation.

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Tai Chi
Tai Chi with the St. Louis Jewish Community Center. This graceful form of exercise involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and is accompanied by deep breathing.


Moving with Val
Moving with Val is a strength-based training program including cardio, dance, yoga, and Pilates with information on nutrition and relaxation.  Videos from each week are now available. Visit our YouTube channel to watch one or all of the programs.

Get ready to get Moving It! and have some fun!

Note: Consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.

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Want to know more about The Good Life with AARP? CLICK HERE and find out more!

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