Meet AARP Volunteer Pat Seligman

Posted on 09/08/23

Pat Seligman is a dedicated volunteer making a meaningful impact with AARP Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh.

Hailing from Oregon, Pat now resides in Pittsburgh's Shadyside neighborhood, nestled Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.

With a professional background in psychology and education, Pat's career spanned 35 years, primarily teaching reading, 2nd grade and education administration.

Seven years ago, Pat's journey with AARP began when she received an email invitation to a local history center event. As she delved into volunteering with AARP, Pat found herself at the nexus of issues important and close to her and her family - from prescription drugs and healthcare to retirement savings and housing. Now, she regularly participates in Hubdialer campaigns to disseminate essential information to the 50+ community.

Pat also serves on the Veteran’s Committee, extending gratitude to local veterans, has served on the Andrus Award selection committee, recognizing exceptional individuals over 50 for their community impact, and engages in advocacy efforts at both local and state levels.

Pat's advocacy roots run deep, particularly in championing the rights of her daughter with special needs. Her unwavering commitment to honesty and equity fuels her involvement in AARP.

As she says, “complacency isn’t going to cut it,” when advocating for the challenges faced by any vulnerable population, especially the 50+.

As someone who has always been concerned about people and their wellbeing, Pat sees much of the issues she cares about being best accomplished in the community. When she first came to the city in her 20s after growing up and attending college in Oregon, she had to create her own sense of community.

She’s always looking for ways to make people feel welcome. In particular, she has seen her neighborhood change over the years. Through her work as an educator, mother and advocate, as well as a longtime resident of the Shadyside neighborhood in Pittsburgh, she has seen firsthand how important communities are to the welfare of those who inhabit them, which spurs her interest in AARP’s Livable Communities work, particularly around housing issues.

Outside of her AARP involvement, Pat is an avid nature enthusiast and lifelong learner.

She's deeply engaged with Osher Lifelong Learning through the University of Pittsburgh, both as a student and a member of the Curriculum Committee.

Additionally, she chairs the Scholarship Committee for Alpha Delta Kappa, contributing to the educational aspirations of Pittsburgh Public Schools' graduating seniors.

Pat's experience with AARP has been incredibly positive. She values the plethora of opportunities and the supportive staff.

Pat's dedication stems from a profound belief in advocating for older adults, echoing her ethos of speaking up for the vulnerable. She said, "It’s extremely important work once you get into it. When I was teaching, you must speak up for the children, and it’s the same for older adults. That’s why I think this is very important."

Pat Seligman's remarkable commitment exemplifies the transformative power of volunteerism in fostering a more inclusive and livable community for all.

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