How to spot an imposter (social media account)

Posted on 04/11/24 by Josh Weller, Social Security Administration

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How fraudsters create imposter accounts

Fraudsters create imposter social media pages and accounts using Social Security-related images and vocabulary, making them appear as if they’re associated with or endorsed by us. They also create imposter social media pages of Social Security and OIG officials, such as the Commissioner or the Inspector General.

Protect your personally identifiable information

We will never ask for sensitive information through social media as these channels are not secure. Sometimes, users are asked to enter their financial information, Social Security number (SSN), or other sensitive information. This is a red flag, and often an indication of a fraudulent account.

How to spot a fake social media account

Identifying an imposter account may seem difficult at first, but there are a few things you can look for right away. You will want to focus on the following:

· How many people follow the imposter page. In most cases, fake pages have a very low number of followers as compared to Social Security’s official page.

· Improper punctuation.

· Links to pages not on

· Advertisements for forms or other Social Security documents for a price.

· Incorrect social media handles. To view the list of our official social media channels, we encourage you to visit

Please report suspected Social Security imposter scams — and other Social Security fraud — to the OIG’s website at You can find more information about scams on our Protect Yourself from Scams webpage at

Please share this information with your friends, family, and colleagues to help spread awareness about imposter social media accounts.

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