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Posted on 03/21/24

Learn how you can drive change and make your community more livable and age-friendly!

Participating in the Age-Friendly Expo – an in-person event that offers attendees the opportunity to learn what an age-friendly community is and how to drive change – is only the first step in your journey to help improve community livability! Here are actions you can take to continue your journey to create real, meaningful improvements.

How can you make your community more age-friendly?

1. Volunteer with AARP California: Become an AARP California Volunteer and host events and educational offerings, or lead advocacy efforts that make your community and our state a great place for people of all ages and abilities to live, work, play and age in place.

2.  Advance the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities (NAFSC): Encourage your community to enroll in the NAFSC & create an age-friendly action plan or find out if your community is already enrolled in the NAFSC and learn how you can directly get involved to support age-friendly efforts.

What is the NAFSC? The NAFSC serves as a catalyst to educate local leaders (both elected officials and engaged residents) and encourage them to implement the types of changes that make communities more livable for older adults and people of all ages.

3. Stay Civically Involved: Become an AARP Email Activist (E-Activist) to promote livable communities at the local, state, and federal level.

4. Sign-Up for the AARP Livable Communities Newsletter: Sign up for the award-winning, weekly AARP Livable Communities Newsletter to stay informed on age-friendly efforts happening around the world and learn about new resources and events.

5. Visit the AARP Livable Library: Explore free AARP toolkits and guides that provide you with actional steps to create age-friendly projects and real change in your community. Toolkits include a Walk Audit Toolkit that is a self-service guide for accessing a community’s walkability and how YOU can act and improve safety to a Creating Community Gardens for People of All Ages Toolkit that provides steps on how to build and sustain community gardens as inclusive, intergenerational outdoor spaces.

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6. Keep in Touch with AARP California: Visit aarp.org/CA to learn about work happening at the state level and stay in touch with us by emailing CAAARP@aarp.org.

This story is provided by AARP California. Visit the AARP California page for more news, events, and programs affecting retirement, health care, and more.

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