AARP Smart Driver Safety Courses in New Jersey - Spring 2024

Posted on 03/08/24

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The AARP Smart Driver Course is a driving refresher course that features research-based curriculum. The six-hour course is now the nation’s largest driving refresher course designed for drivers age 50.

The course teaches proven driving techniques to help keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.

Listed below are the Course Objectives of the AARP Smart Driver Course. As a result of completing the course, participants will:

  1. Drive with increased confidence.
  2. Apply research-based safety strategies to reduce the likelihood of having a crash.
  3. Select and use the newest safety and advanced features in vehicles.
  4. Adapt to changes that affect driving ability, including medications, alcohol, and health-related issues.
  5. Make driving decisions considering the links between the driver, vehicle, and road environment.
  6. Safely share the road with other road users.
  7. Evaluate your driving and determine when it may be time to limit driving.
  8. Explore and use other ways to travel.
  9. Use the comprehensive driver aids, checklists, and resources provided.

Below, you'll find the list of New Jersey locations that are offering courses from April through May 2024.
The course is $20 for AARP members and $25 for non-members. Space is limited, so register now by calling the number that pertains to the location.

AARP also hosts FREE, 90-minute workshops to help you learn about the safety features in cars today. If you're interested in joining one of these Smart DriverTEK workshops, click here.

April 2024
Mercerville, NJ - 4/1/24 at 9am
Location: RWJ Fitness and Wellness Center
Reg. Number: (609) 584-5900
Paramus, NJ - 4/1/24 at 9am
Location: Careone at Ridgewood Avenue
Reg. Number: (201) 652-1950
Highland Park, NJ - 4/1/24 and 4/8/24 at 9:30am
Location: Highland Park Senior Center
Reg. Number: (732) 819-0052
Lake Hiawatha, NJ - 4/2/24 at 9:30am
Location: Parsippany Community Center
Reg. Number: (973) 263-7352
Palisades Park, NJ - 4/3/24 at 10am
Location: United Healthcare - Bergen
Reg. Number: (201) 654-9105
Mountainside, NJ - 4/3/24 and 4/10/24 at 10am
Location: Mountainside Rescue Squad
Reg. Number: (908) 232-0015
Hamilton, NJ - 4/9/24 at 9am
Location: Hamilton Senior Center
Reg. Number: (609) 890-3686
Woodstown, NJ - 4/10/24 at 12:45pm and 4/11/24 at 1:00pm
Location: Woodstown First Baptist Church
Reg. Number: (856) 769-0214
Woodbury, NJ - 4/11/24 at 9am
Location: Woodbury Mews
Reg. Number: (856) 384-6600
Totowa, NJ - 4/13/24 at 9am
Location: Dwight D Eisenhower Library
Reg. Number: (973) 790-3265
Piscataway, NJ - 4/15/24 and 4/17/24 at 9am
Location: YMCA at Piscataway Community Center
Reg. Number: (732) 562-1133
Union, NJ - 4/18/24 at 9:30am
Location: Union Senior Center
Reg. Number: (732) 827-5290
Keyport, NJ - 4/19/24 and 4/26/24 at 10am
Location: Keyport Senior Center
Reg. Number: (732) 264-4916
Princeton, NJ - 4/24/24 at 9am
Location: Penn Medicine Princeton Health - 731
Reg. Number: (609) 897-8980
Lawrenceville, NJ - 4/25/24 at 9am
Location: Lawrence Senior Center
Reg. Number: (609) 844-7048
Plainsboro, NJ - 4/29/24 and 4/30/24 at 9:30am
Location: Plainsboro Recreation Center
Reg. Number: (609) 799-0909

May 2024
Palisades Park, NJ - 5/1/24 at 10am
Location: United Healthcare - Bergen
Reg. Number: (201) 654-9105
Waldwick, NJ - 5/4/24 at 10:30am
Location: Waldwick Library
Reg. Number: (201) 652-5104
Verona, NJ - 5/9/24 at 9am
Location: Verona Community Center
Reg. Number: (973) 239-6914
Piscataway, NJ - 5/13/24 and 5/15/24 at 9am
Location: YMCA at Piscataway Community Center
Reg. Number: (732) 562-1133
Edison, NJ - 5/13/24 and 5/20/24 at 12:30pm
Location: JCC of Middlesex County
Reg. Number: (732) 494-3232
Plainsboro, NJ - 5/13/24 and 5/14/24 at 9:30am
Location: Plainsboro Recreation Center
Reg. Number: (609) 799-0909
West Windsor, NJ - 5/15/24 at 9am
Location: West Windsor Senior Center
Reg. Number: (609) 799-9068
Middlesex, NJ - 5/28/24 and 5/30/24 at 9am
Location: Middlesex Senior Center
Reg. Number: (732) 356-0414
Monmouth Junction, NJ - 5/29/24 at 9:30am
Location: Penn Medicine - South Brunswick Wellness Center
Reg. Number: (609) 697-8980

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