Headless Horseman Hayride and Haunted House Attraction

Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses
778 Broadway, Route 9W
Ulster Park, NY 12487

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The 2020 Season at Headless Horseman Hayrides & Haunted Houses Will be a NEW EXPERIENCE

This year we will be replacing our hayride with a Drive-Thru Haunted Experience.

Horror Lives Here!

“Dare to Ride the Horseman's Trail"

In the dark, alone with only those in your group to protect you.
Where will it take you?
Will you make it out or be FOUND by the Horseman?
Will you survive?


Safety is the top priority of Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses.

We have taken enhanced COVID safety measures for our guests and staff members. Please read our Terms of Service before purchasing a ticket, and follow all posted instructions and directions from our staff while visiting Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses.

Please note the following:
All guests and staff will be required to wear face coverings and social distance at all times.

Our staff and actors will practice proper social distancing throughout the event.

Vehicles will be a minimum of 6 feet apart in all drive thru areas. Our entire event is outside.

EMT’s will be available for any medical emergencies.

Time Ticketed Reservations are Required.

Tickets are limited due to COVID. Buy Tickets Now!

All customers must wear face coverings.

Please do not attend our event if experiencing a fever or flu like symptoms.

No ticket holder will drive a vehicle on Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses’ property while under the influence of alcohol or any type of narcotics or sedatives.


The Lunar Motel
A seedy, broken down shell of what it once was, the Lunar Motel sits atop a hill just outside the village of Crow Hollow. Perhaps in the 60’s it was a fine establishment, perhaps. Now it is there to remind us of an era long since passed. The Lunar Motel was the scene of multiple gruesome murders. A known serial killer had come by this way and thought that the motel would be a good place to be out of sight of the authorities. However, even he didn’t realize that temptation would follow him to each and all of the rooms. Whether it was the annoying front clerk, the prom king and queen or the hoarder, they all fed his need to kill and to kill again and again and again…… Take a stroll through some of these rooms if you dare. There’s always room for another guest.

Nightshade Greenhouse and Nursery

I dusted off my great grandfather’s journal that I had kept hidden. With trembling hands I reread the entry. It’s the 100year anniversary

October 1919 – Grieving the loss of my family, I’m besieged by them. Pretending to be part of their heinous act I lure them to the greenhouse, trapping them inside. While they’re in a trance like state, I slip away to turn on the gas valves. With the aroma of burning incense, the gases go unnoticed and have already started to permeate the greenery. They chant their incantations and practice their witchery. After the ceremony they realize they cannot escape and begin smashing the windows. The explosion! The fire! It’s over. Only charred bodies remain………

In the first morning light I return to clean up the remains. The bodies have vanished.

I’m terrified the curse will be unleashed again.

This is the year. This is the month.

Glutton’s Diner

People have fallen under the spell of a Crow Hollow restaurant called Glutton’s Diner. The style of cooking is hard to figure out. The menu includes a tender steak sandwich in a potent saffron sauce served rare and bloody, with a side of corn on the cob. Also, a pork sandwich inspired by local cuisine, and venison simmered with fiery and malleable local sausage.

Although these foods may lack any unifying cultural background, they did have one thing in common, they are all served on rolls. Apart from an occasional salad or soup, everything cooked at Glutton’s arrives in sandwich form. And with the exception of a bacon wrapped filet mignon tartar every sandwich at Glutton’s is filled with hot, cooked meat and vegetables.

If you are planning on stopping by and grabbing a sandwich, be prepared to wait because this place is hopping. Despite the run-down look, the seats are always filled and a line out the door. There is something different about the meat that is served that makes you come back for more. Something that seems familiar. Wait a human tooth was recently found in a sandwich.   Try not to look too closely.

Mama Rose’s Swamp Shack

I started by healing the sick and injured creatures with an earth based formula of swamp algae, crushed bones and blood.  Nightly, I scavenge ingredients for the formula from the wetlands that bordered the cemetery.  I found refuge  in the shack.  This was an area never ventured near by the town’s people.  A descendant of Salem witches, my ancestors taught me well.
Tonight  a new chapter begins……………………..
The  moon is full, the howling wind………………………..
I drink the elixir.  At midnight I venture into Witch Cemetery to practice my   powers of raising the dead. Reaching into a place between life and death I draw back a soul from the precipice. Now I not only heal the injured,  I resurrect the dead!

The Evil Reaping  

Old Man Terpening had suffered year after year of terrible crops. There was always something keeping him from turning a profit. The hurricane 2 years ago, the droughts, they all took their toll. After what seemed to be a decent year weather wise, Terpening noticed that his crops were relatively small compared to his competitors.  He needed to do something to be competitive again. He spent the winter in his barn. He was trying new combinations of fertilizers to get his crop to grow large. For the first few weeks he had little to no luck and then something strange happened. One day, his daughter’s friend, Emily was helping him. While working with the pruning shears she cut herself. Some of the blood made its way into the plant pots. No one thought anything of it. Until about a week later, when that plant had grown to double the size of the others. Terpening, knowing that this could save his farm, started to devise ways of luring people to his property so that he could drain them of some of their blood. Some turned to most, most turned to all and people started to disappear from the village.  Enter the Evil Reaping if you dare. Some of Terpening’s best work is STILL out there.

Dr. Dark’s Circus Sideshow  

Nineteen years ago, Dr. Dark’s Circus Sideshow first showed up in Crow Hollow. It has NEVER left.  
When they first came to town the sideshow and its freaks, brought joy to the residents. But as days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, the townspeople started to notice things missing. Vehicles went missing. People’s belongings, even some people themselves. Word around the village was that Dr. Dark was always looking for new acts. But instead of seeing new attractions, the townspeople saw old faces. Faces that they knew but were now different. When they tried to make contact with these people the freaks seemed to not recognize their old neighbors. If anyone got too close or asked too many questions, one of Dr. Dark’s enforcers, the clowns, would step in to whisk them away.  Dislike clowns do you? That’s okay. They don’t like you much either…… Come one, come all to the greatest show in the hollow, Dr. Dark’s Circus Sideshow.

Horseman's Tomb

The abandoned graveyard behind the Crow Hollow Orphanage doesn’t have a name.  It has earned the nickname “Witch Cemetery” by the stories the nuns told the orphans to keep them from running away.  Legend tells the witches would exhume the bodies and burn the hearts and livers of the dead. They believed that by inhaling the fumes it would offer protection from disease and eternal life.  Ghosts of the deceased haunt the old cemetery and protect the tomb of the Headless Horseman.  Each fall the witches hold a ritual called “Black Horse” that raises the Headless Horseman from his tomb to terrorize the countryside.

The Feeding presents Blood Thirsty  

The old Cypher Coffin Company has long been converted into an experimental facility. Locals know it as “The Feeding”. What started out as an experimental facility, focusing on human and simian patients has turned dark. Locals hear the screams nightly emanating from the old building.  Apes shake their cages, trying to escape. Patients scream in terror. Even the doctors and nurses have become deranged as if somehow the building itself has taken its hold of them. No longer are there cures coming from within these walls, only pain, suffering and death. Groups are still allowed to tour the facility. Perhaps it’s to remind them of their past or perhaps to show them their future. Will you make it out safely? Sign the waiver and enter if you dare.

Two Ravens Manor

As an English colony, the banks along the Hudson River were a friendly haven for pirates in the 1700’s.  Many found their uncharted creeks and streams ideal places to hide, setting up homes in wooded areas.  Access to the Hudson River was important for those running from the law, and establishing a homestead allowed pirates to conceal their ill-gotten treasures.

Once such family has lived in the area for generations.  The Corvus family lived in Crow’s Hollow for centuries, long enough for people to forget their family history.  They built and expanded their little farmhouse into the large fine manor that it is today. When the manor was completed, they knew it needed a proper name. The choice was simple, The Two Ravens Manor. You see, every day during the renovation, two ravens would fly in and perch themselves in a nearby tree. It was as if they were overseeing the process. Soon after the completion of the manor, the Corvus family welcomed into the world twin daughters, Ophelia and Orpha. They were beautiful. Jet black hair and eyes as dark as a moonless night. From their earliest days, they were inseparable.

Over the years, stories arose that the manor was cursed. People were known to enter and never return. No villager had seen the girl’s parents for years. When they saw the twins, either through an open window or wandering the balconies, they noted that the girls didn’t seem to age.

Over the centuries, the exterior of the manor also did not change, as if trapped in time. Many historians, adventure seekers, and even treasure hunters have made their way into the manor. Most, have made it out to tell their tales, but not all. Stories come from these survivors of trapped staff, members of the community, a witch doctor, and even the twin daughters themselves. What has kept the manor this way? Is it cursed? Are the twins actually inside the manor?

Do you dare enter the manor? Will you make it out or be bound inside, forever?

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