Children's Film Festival Seattle

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021

Seattle, WA 98101

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Schedule of Events

All American Kids
20 minutes | United States | 2020
This documentary series transports young audiences across the country through kid-driven mini-docs. Meet Melina, photographing wildlife in Alphabet City to Laila, throwing fast pitches in Jemez Pueblo. Both have big plans and dreams for the future.

All of Our Shadows
8 minutes | United Kingdom | 2020
In these times of uncertainty, this film follows a day in the life of a young teenage boy as he faces anxiety and concerns, with the help of his friends.

Amazing Kids: In Their Own Words
5 minutes | United Kingdom | 2020
Kids from different backgrounds share their unique experiences of the autistic spectrum in their own words.

5 minutes | United States | 2020
This bittersweet story about love, friendship and growing up starts when a little girl falls in love with a beautiful horse named Aurora.

Awesome Homework
3 minutes | Japan | 2020
Popular Japanese picturebook author Shinsuke Yoshitake gave artistic advice to kids during the Japanese lockdown in May. It's still good advice now, and will be long after the pandemic is over!

Be a Pain
4 minutes | United States | 2020
A joyous music video for Alastair Moock's 2020 all-ages record, "Be a Pain" shows us how all movements of social justice and change stem from taking a stand against what's wrong.

2 minutes | Czech Republic | 2019
A baby bear tries to get back to his mama after they are separated.

Behind the Scenes of "The Effects"
10 minutes | United States | 2020
A short behind the scenes doc about Rosemary Gramajo Quiñones, teen-aged writer of "The Effects," her family, and the story behind the film.

Being Someone Else
8 minutes | Norway | 2020
In this documentary, Imogen, a 13-year-old girl with autism, prepares for her favorite event of the year: the ComicCon cosplay convention.

Bertha and the Wolfram
16 minutes | Belgium | 2020
Meet Bertha, a 13-year-old Belgian girl who has a secret weapon: creativity. She uses it to fight against her ultimate enemy: Wolfram, a rare disease that affects her nervous system.

Biff & Me
14 minutes | United States | 2020
Charlotte and Biff, both 14, couldn't seem more different. But what they both really want, deep down, is to be beauty queens.

Bird & Squirrel
8 minutes | United States | 2019
Two best friends – a thrill-seeking bird and a very cautious squirrel – help each other out as they survive adventures big and small in the small forest town of Acorn Acres and beyond. The lesson here? Be brave!

The Bird and the Whale
7 minutes | Ireland | 2018
A young whale struggles to find his voice. After straying too far from his family to explore a shipwreck, he discovers its sole survivor – a caged songbird. Lost at sea, they struggle to survive together.

6 minutes | Russia | 2020
A grumpy polar bear learns how much fun it can be to have a friend when a brown bear comes to visit him in the Far North.

Blue & Malone: Impossible Cases
20 minutes | Spain | 2020
On the eve of its demolition, Berta visits an old theater and finds out it is not completely abandoned.

The Boy and the Mountain
11 minutes | Chile | 2020
Hernán is a child who likes to fantasize about climbing mountains, but as he grows up, he realizes how hard it is to fulfill his goals. Still, he keeps putting one foot in front of the other.

The Boy and the Owl
12 minutes | Portugal | 2019
A young boy lives his life in a magical way, surrounded by the picturesque atmosphere of his village, in this fable about love and the act of letting go.

The Butler and the Ball
12 minutes | Canada | 2019
When a lonely boy enters a contest to become the new butler of a grieving, reclusive singer, he finds himself in a world of adventure.

A Cat Called Jam
8 minutes | Ireland | 2019
What happens when a fluffy cat wants to play with dogs?

Chanson d'Automne
3 minutes | France | 2020
A leaf blower, quietly working away as leaves continue to fall, takes flight.

Circus Movements
15 minutes | Germany | 2019
Circus culture is a space of diversity, cooperation and integration. A magical space with real people. In this film, see Ethiopian kids Liya, Beza, Habtamnesh, and Beniyam, perform acrobatics against the backdrop of their beautiful country.

Coeur Fondant (Melting Heart Cake)
11 minutes | France | 2019
To share her chocolate treat with her friend, Anna must cross a glacial forest that is said to be haunted by a terrifying bearded giant. But when Anna meets him, the leviathan has a big heart, too.

5 minutes | France | 2020
A young lizard named Clarence steals a precious plane while the whole village is distracted by the greatest concert it has ever seen.

3 minutes | France | 2020
A meditation on the tooth fairy and all her mysteries.

Covid Bach
2 minutes | Canada | 2020
This free-flowing, stream of consciousness hand-drawn animation, set to J.S. Bach, weaves in and out between abstract and nightmarish visions.

The Covid is a Monster in the Forest
5 minutes | United States | 2020
Three young girls who are quarantined try to solve the global pandemic by hunting "The Covid," a monster that lives in the forest.

Coyote & Big Buff
8 minutes | United States | 2019
Answering the question, "What's a story you'd tell someone who's afraid of fire?", two boys recall the night a fire swept through their neighborhood.

Coyote's Canoe
5 minutes | Canada | 2020
Coyote brings salmon to the people of the interior of British Columbia.

Cracks in the Pavement
9 minutes | Argentina | 2019
A beautiful and delicate flower grows amid the asphalt jungle, with a protector standing closeby: a street rubbish bin.

Da Sola
5 minutes | Italy | 2019
A little one wants to do things on their own, but a big one wants to help. Finally, they find the best way of all — to do it together!

Dog of My Dreams
2 minutes | United States | 2020
What's the stuff of dreams in this music video? A day at the beach, a ride on a bike, a sweet dog, and a delicious pickle.

Dolium Péplum
9 minutes | France | 2020
In a field, a battle takes place among children who join together in a magical, gigantic and supernatural world of imagination.

The Effects
19 minutes | United States | 2020
A short film about the collective challenges experienced by a family facing deportation.

El Diablo Cojuelo
4 minutes | United States | 2020
A young girl named Yadira decides she must tame a legendary monster, based on a traditional Dominican character, with the power of music.

Esperanza's Turn
12 minutes | United States | 2019
A 12-year-old immigrant farm worker taps into her imagination to confront a bully at school.

Fifi and Friends: Whale
2 minutes | United States | 2019
A Spanish-speaking bird and an English-speaking bird learn to communicate about a whale they spot together.

Film Forum Youth!
15 minutes | United States
A reel showcasing visual storytelling made by youth at Northwest Film Forum in virtual camps and programs in 2020. Their creativity and determination shines through in these wild tales, thoughtful docs and bold experiments.

11 minutes | United States | 2020
After moving to California because of a military relocation, a young boy finds comfort in an unexpected new friend.

The Forest and the Trees
6 minutes | Canada | 2020
A determined little mushroom conquers some tumultuous emotions while journeying through a forest.

23 minutes | Germany | 2020
Felix lives in a world of his own, drawing paper figures and imagining them coming to life. But while visiting his favorite uncle, something amazing happens — Felix discovers his drawings are real creatures after all.

Georges the Magician
5 minutes | Hungary, Argentina | 2020
According to an old definition, a magician is a wise person. So we can all be magicians, and fly free, if we are brave enough.

Gilly and the Oodle Doodles
4 minutes | United States | 2020
Gilly is a wizard in training and the Oodle Doodles are her trio of assistants. Together, they bring a snowperson to life and craft the perfect carrot nose.

Grandma's Secret
15 minutes | Germany | 2019
Lisa and her friend Tom love spending time together at Lisa's granny's house. One day, when granny starts behaving strangely, they decide it's time for a visit, not realizing that they are in for a happy surprise!

Green Pinocchio
8 minutes | Italy | 2020
Pinnocchio learns a new lesson in this retelling of Pinnocchio, with an environmental twist!

Harriet: The Black Swan in the Year of COVID-19
34 minutes | United States | 2020
A riveting ballet, told in four seasons in the life of Harriet Tubman.

The Healing Dance
4 minutes | Anishinaabe, Canada | 2019
Rosie is preparing to dance in her first pow wow, but after learning the origin story of jingle dancing, she worries she's not as ready as she thought. The drums are calling, but will Rosie answer them?

Hello, My Dears
4 minutes | Russia | 2019
An old lady loves and waits for her dear relatives. And relatives come. They are a bit strange, but it is only at first glance.

3 minutes | United Kingdom | 2020
After arguing with her sister, Kara takes her anger out on the environment by littering her plastic bottle. Her actions awaken the creature Hubris, and she must race against time to undo the damage.

I'm Ready
17 minutes | United States | 2020
15-year-old Lo is a smart and responsible teen who finds herself taking an interest in more than just her books... but how does she know she's ready to date?

In the Shadow of the Pines
8 minutes | Canada | 2020
A little girl goes to a school where her father works as a janitor — something that embarasses her at the time. But when she looks back years later, she has a different view.

2 minutes | Netherlands | 2020
Despite having so many arms to point with, this neat-freak octopus has a hard time pointing out what someone else needs to tidy up.

It Fits
6 minutes | Germany | 2020
Made entirely by small children in a German daycare, this film tells the story of a family who must move from their home to a new country, where there is more work. But they find that in many ways, life is harder in their new country.

Ivet & Michuco
5 minutes | Spain | 2020
Ivet, a 6-year-old girl, gets in all kinds of fun trouble with her adorable cat puppet Michuco.

Jeremy and the Big Protest of the Caribou
11 minutes | France | 2019
When the mayor of the town wants to cut down all the trees in the valley to make paper airplanes, a superhero caribou and their friends try to stop him!

Juan Viento
4 minutes | Argentina | 2020
An old man named Juan is in charge of keeping the park clean, so the wind is his worst enemy. But this time, the wind holds a nice surprise for him.

Junu Ko Jutta (The Shoes of a Little Girl)
13 minutes | Nepal | 2019
Junu is a little girl who has trouble learning left from right. But she comes up with a smart way to keep her shoes on the right feet. It isn't easy, and she does it all by herself.

8 minutes | United States | 2019
Kapaemahu reveals the healing power of four mysterious stones on Waikiki Beach, and the legendary transgender spirit within them.

The Kindergarten Show
8 minutes | France | 2019
An owl schoolmaster presides over the year-end kindergarten show, which goes horribly wrong in all the right ways.

La Meduse (The Jellyfish)
3 minutes | France | 2019
In an ocean infested by plastic, a little being leaves their reef and goes on an adventure with a jellyfish.

The Last Supper
12 minutes | United States | 2019
A sensitive and restless boy, overlooked by his parents and rejected by his schoolyard peers, finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime when he accidentally lets the wily family turkey escape the pen.

6 minutes | Belarus | 2020
A huge sailor goes about his busy work on an ocean-bound ship. But when he gets a tiny present from a small girl, it reminds him of the most special place on dry land — his childhood home.

Let's Play a Story: The Miser
8 minutes | Croatia | 2020
While hanging out with her dad and toy Unicorn on a blanket in the park, a little girl realizes her dad has borrowed the money from her little purse. Together, they make up a story to explain how it happened.

A Letter from Sumatra
12 minutes | United States | 2020
A rhino named Jeff tells a tale about how Sumatra Rhinos save each other, but still need humans to change their ways and come to the rescue so that they can survive.

Life in the Slow Lane (A Snail Odyssey)
3 minutes | United Kingdom | 2020
The epic tale of one snail's adventure as he tries to get past two rowdy boys in order to get to a garlic flower Shangri-la. A family film made in lockdown with an assist from a super slimy gastropod!

The Little Boat that Wanted to Fly
7 minutes | Russia | 2020
The story of a little boat who learned to fly, with some help along the way.

Little Grey Wolfy: Fall Travelers
6 minutes | Norway | 2020
Little Grey Wolfy wants to go on a trip with the birds, to warm lands with no snow and where bears don't have to sleep in wintertime. But how can they fly away, with no wings?

The Little Thief
3 minutes | United States | 2020
At a busy marketplace, a boy pockets a single bean, and learns that even the smallest wrongs must be righted.

The Lost Adventure in a Claw Machine
10 minutes | Taiwan | 2020
Claw machines are fun for people of all ages, but what happens when you get too ****** into the magic of the machines?

Louisa: An Amazing Adventure
60 minutes | United Kingdom | 2020
In January 1899, an astonishing lifeboat rescue took place during the worst storm at sea in memory. This film, in gorgeous 3D animation, tells the story of that little lifeboat, its captain, and his young daughter who watches as the long and dangerous mission is completed.

Love is Love
1 minutes | Italy | 2018
On a fall afternoon, six-year-old Viola is at the park with her father. She's just lost her baby teeth, but already she knows things that her father doesn't understand.

11 minutes | France | 2020
A young wolf ventures out while is his mother is busy hunting. Lost and frightened, he finds shelter in a garden, then meets friends who help him home.

4 minutes | United Kingdom | 2019
A little girl's dads want her to go to sleep. But first, she needs a biscuit.

Making Sense
7 minutes | United Kingdom | 2020
During a prolonged lockdown, this group of children made a film about the world around them — particularly the way that it felt to their touch.

3 minutes | France | 2020
This short, poetic film is a salty serenade to the sea.

Me, a Monster?
6 minutes | Spain | 2020
After living a peaceful life on his small planet, the lonely Nono must deal with a visit from a strange new being.

Mimi's Good Night
2 minutes | United States | 2020
A nice routine makes for a sweet bedtime.

Monster Sitter
5 minutes | Italy | 2019
In a world where lake monsters exist, we follow the daily life of Giacomo Rosetti, who takes care of Isy, the monster of Lake Iseo.

Moogaloops: Magic Art
3 minutes | United States | 2019
Mooga, a friendly blue alien, presses his magic button and summons a magical easel which can bring his drawing to life.

The Musifants
4 minutes | Germany | 2020
In this music video, you'll learn to count to eight in German as you blast off to outer space with an elephant, a bear, a chicken, and a little cactus.

My Grandpa Knows King Kong
7 minutes | Spain | 2019
An incredulous grandfather and his excited granddaughter go to the cinema — a place with tasty candy and a fantastic film on the big screen.

New Normal
5 minutes | India | 2020
A 10-year-old filmmaker tells the story of coping with sudden change around him, through before-times, lockdown and then the new normal that waits outside.

Nurturing Roots Farm Spotlight
United States

6 minutes | France | 2019
Threatened by a growing desert, a young boy and his mother try to survive in a small oasis.

Oltre I Giganti (Beyond the Giants)
9 minutes | Italy | 2020
A Don Quixote keeps repeating himself in a fight against windmills. But a child, with a dreamy and pure gaze on the same windmills, will awaken the man to make him understand he is free.

Orchestra from the Land of Silence
30 minutes | Slovakia | 2020
Zohra is the first all-female orchestra of Afghanistan. The girls are preparing for a journey to play a concert in Europe, but once they arrive, four orchestra members decide to run away.

Out of My Depth
3 minutes | United Kingdom | 2020
While walking down a beach, a man recalls a traumatic event he was caught up in.

Patchwork Clam
4 minutes | Germany | 2019
Patchwork Clam is very shy. But her friends understand and find gentle ways to make her more comfortable in the play group.

Patchwork Penguin
4 minutes | Germany | 2019
Patchwork Penguin has a problem: he wants to run fast, but doesn't know how!

The Piano, a play-movie
24 minutes | United States | 2020
A tour of the INSIDE of the piano is covertly planned by Ms. Clara for her students, Kelly, Julia and Brenda. While Brenda escapes just in time, Kelly and Julia are ****** into the piano.

Piccolino, An Adventure in the City
12 minutes | Spain | 2020
Piccolino is a worm that lives happily inside of an apple in the countryside, until one day he goes outside and finds that his apple is no longer in an orchard, and he is no longer in the country!

Piece of Me
19 minutes | United States | 2019
An eight-year-old boy begins to lose his best friend, an elderly lady, as her memories fade away to Alzheimer's. Determined to help, he embarks on a journey to rekindle the memories of their friendship.

The Pit
9 minutes | Czech Republic | 2019
Extraterrestrial creatures excavate an enormous pit, looking for treasures along the way.

Plus One
2 minutes | Turkey | 2019
A boy explains how his differences are his superpowers.

The Promise
7 minutes | United Kingdom | 2020
A young thief tries to snatch an old woman's bag, but she cannot have it without giving something in return: The Promise.

Quarantine Rag
1 minutes | United States | 2020
In a world where nothing is normal, a young girl finds herself in a battle between order and chaos.

11 minutes | Iran | 2020
A little flower salesman does something wrong for his client, but he regrets his behavior and tries to make up for his mistake.

7 minutes | United Kingdom | 2020
A young girl, in the age of losing the magical thoughts of childhood, discovers the world of Rehak, a drawing who comes to life on her bedroom wall.

4 minutes | United States | 2020
This film, that places strong family love and elder culture in a never-ending chain, tells the story of a young dancer who learns that her beloved grandfather's love is a part of who she is and will become.

3 minutes | United Kingdom | 2020
The animals are afraid of the large and lonely Rhino, until he shows them through good deeds that he is worthy of their trust.

Roger the Cat
2 minutes | United States | 2020
When a mysterious cat appears, Roger — a floppy guy made of wires, with googly eyes — learns to believe in himself.

Saving Amelia
27 minutes | United States | 2020
When two sisters exploring their attic stumble upon an old two-way radio, they realize it can mysteriously communicate with the past. Before long, they're racing to save Amelia Earhart and change the future.

Shooom's Odyssey
26 minutes | France | 2019
A baby owl hatches just as a storm blows her world upside down. After falling from her nest, she sets out into the mangrove, pushing a second egg from the brood behind her, determined to find her mother.

The Silence of the River
14 minutes | Peru | 2020
Juan, a nine-year-old Peruvian boy, lives with his silent dad in a floating house on the Amazon River. This idyllic background sets an allegorical journey into the rainforest jungle, where nature, gender, truth and all things begin to reveal the identity of his dad.

Siren's Tail
8 minutes | Spain | 2020
Roque wants to be a siren of the sea; it's that simple. Why does it have to be hard?

Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers
78 minutes | Norway | 2020
Vega, 9, and her wild 5-year-old sister Billie are going on an overnight hike in the Norwegian woods. The anticipated trip is full of sweet adventures and happy moments... until Dad falls into a mountain crack and twists his ankle. It's up to the girls to bravely go get help!

The Size of Things
12 minutes | Colombia | 2019
Diego lives with his father in a house that doesn't have anything in it. One day, Diego spies a small chair in the forest, and brings it home.

Snip, Snap, Snut and the Colours
5 minutes | Sweden | 2020
In this colorful claymation, a group of friends must prove that the world is more beautiful with a rainbow full of colors.

Sockz Theatre's Little Speckled Frogs
3 minutes | United States | 2020
Three little speckled frogs sat on a speckled log, eating the most delicious bugs, ‘til one by one, they all took a bath.

Sockz Theatre's The Thirsty Crow
2 minutes | United States | 2020
In this puppet film based on the Aesop Fable, a crow needs to problem-solve to quench her thirst!

Sockz Theatre's Three Little Pigs
5 minutes | United States | 2020
Three pigs. Three houses. One wolf with an enormous lung capacity.

Sophie & Chanel at Home
3 minutes | United States | 2020
A loveseat and a vintage television set navigate the pandemic of 2020 and beyond with patience, a little humor, and a lot of screen time.

14 minutes | Spain | 2020
This is the story of a father, a daughter, and their journey through their memories.

Space Bears - The Starpowder Space Gem
10 minutes | United States | 2019
Best friends Becca and Zoe help an old friend restore life to the Great Slumber Tree.

Stay Away
7 minutes | France | 2020
This family-made movie shot during the pandemic shows how one girl stays home alone during the pandemic.

A Stormy Night
9 minutes | Germany | 2019
A little fire, not content in his cozy fireplace, falls in love with a bolt of lightning.

Summer Falls
8 minutes | Canada | 2020
Two best friends spend their last day together by journeying to watch the sunset before one of them moves to the countryside.

10 minutes | United Kingdom | 2020
The endlessly curious Talia defies her father to explore the world beyond her front garden. She discovers a special kinship with her next door neighbor, with whom she shares both peace and a similar sorrow.

Tobi and the Turbobus
8 minutes | Germany | 2019
You fly with no seat! That's the rule in the Turbobus. But to get a seat is a hard job for a young wolf on his turbo-journey to find real friendship.

12 minutes | Belgium | 2019
Deep in the depths of the Ardennes forest, a logger and his horse teach the lessons of their lives to an odd young girl.

2 minutes | United States | 2020
When a thief tries to steal a magician's wallet, he gets more than he bargained for when he winds up down a rabbit's hole, inside the magician's pocket!

Triple Trouble
87 minutes | Poland | 2020
Teenagers Olek and Julka must track down the thief of a Monet painting that's been taken from the museum in Pozna?.

7 minutes | Czech Republic | 2019
The bears want to cook something they've never had before: wild truffles! But they'll need the help of a boar baby and mama to help them out. Will they find the courage to ask?

12 minutes | France | 2020
In a land where the rain never stops, 6-year-old Kyna spends her days playing under the protective "umbrella beard" of her father, Din. One night, Kyna's beloved dog Nana disappears. To find her, Kyna will embark on a journey of self-discovery and face her greatest fear, the Rain.

Uncle Witold's Cigarette Case
3 minutes | Poland | 2018
A film about a little girl and her father's best friend, who became a special person in her life and left her a precious keepsake.

30 minutes | France, Guadeloupe | 2020
Vanille, a young Parisian girl, arrives on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe for a visit with her aunt. Soon, incredible adventures lead her to meet picturesque characters... and even a magic flower.

The Very Book
10 minutes | Russia | 2020
When children discover lost pages from a magic book, it is the start of a wild adventure that takes them to another world. This film was created by a group of children ages 8 to 12, who did not know or live close to one another.

Warm Star
4 minutes | Russia | 2020
A bird, busy tidying up the sky, accidentally drops a little star. Down on earth, children find it.

Who Is It: The Troublemaker in the Carrot Field
4 minutes | Taiwan | 2019
When a pair of lions find out their carrot field has been destroyed, they follow footprints to find the culprit.

Why Slugs Have No Legs
11 minutes | Switzerland | 2019
Slugs have a hard time keeping up with the pace of life in the city of insects. When a financial crisis hits, the industrial bees only see one solution.

Worms of Earth
8 minutes | France | 2019
A musical salute to the heroes of the soil: earthworms!

You Sold My Roller Skates?
6 minutes | France | 2020
When Lou's mom sells his beloved rollerskates at a garage sale, he goes looking for them in a buzzing crowd.

Young Warriors
74 minutes | Brazil | 2020
The road-trip film we need to see right now, filled with adventures and mishaps that miraculously always work out just the way they should.

Yuan Yuan and the Hollow Monster
7 minutes | United States | 2020
Yuan Yuan is determined to protect her newest pet, a tiny turtle named Lucy, at all costs – even if it means chasing down a massive hurricane called the Hollow Monster.

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