Boston Latino International Film Festival

Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020 at 4:00pm

Boston, MA 02108

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Schedule of Events

7pm-9pm: Ema

Narrative, 88 mins, Pablo Larraín, Chile, 2020
Co-presented by Independent Film Festival of Boston
Between elegantly choreographed performances, it is revealed that dancer Ema (Mariana Di Girolamo) and her husband and dance company leader, Gastón (Gael García Bernal) returned their adopted son, Polo, to child services of their small town in Valparaíso, Chile, after he set their house on fire, badly burning Ema's sister. The couple's agonizing decision sets off a spiral of guilt and spins the marriage into crisis as Ema and Gastón blame each other for Polo's actions. Ema decides to fill the wedge in her soul with a flamethrower, a rebellious ode to reggaeton, and a plan to regain motherhood.
Larraín returns with a seductive psychological exploration of a woman determined to liberate herself from societal expectations. Ema redesigns her life and her home on her own terms, with fluidity and fearless freedom, igniting everyone and everything around her—and what burns in the complicated vertical labyrinth of Valparaíso can never be rebuilt.

7pm-9pm: The Mole Agent

Documentary, 90 mins, Maite Alberdi, Chile, 2020
Co-presented by Independent Film Festival of Boston & the Arlington International Film Festival
When a family becomes concerned about their mother's well-being in a retirement home, private investigator Romulo hires Sergio, an 83-year-old man who becomes a new resident – and a mole inside the home, who struggles to balance his assignment with becoming increasingly involved in the lives of several residents.

4pm-6pm: Shorts Program #1 – El Pueblo Unido

Co-presented by Amplify Latinx

40 mins, Eric Stange, USA, 2020
Activized profiles a handful of ordinary Americans who — for the first time in their lives — have left their comfort zones and thrown themselves into a political cause. We follow their motivations, their goals, successes and failures, and how and why such activists are the embodiment of positive citizen participation in the best American tradition.

Boston's Latin Quarter
21 mins, Monica Cohen, USA, 2020
Boston's Latin Quarter is a Latinx neighborhood in the middle of Jamaica Plain in Boston, MA that serves as a powerful example of community, resilience and growth. The film sparks conversation about the importance of preserving cultural enclaves and what these communities offer to the city at large in terms of diversity, cultural development, and workforce.

8 mins, Vergi Rodriguez & Diana Zollicofer, USA, 2020
Lily Cruz, a DACA recipient, travels on a medical volunteer mission and upon returning to the USA a TSA agent isn't so welcoming.

4pm-6pm: Shorts Program #2 – Social Justice

A La Deriva (Adrift)
13 mins, Paula Cury, Dominican Republic, 2020
Expecting mothers as young as 14 reveal their hopes, fears, and fierce determination in a country where sexual education is absent, teen pregnancy is the norm, and abortion is illegal in all circumstances.

23 mins, Marío González Jiménez, Mexico, 2020
A look inside life in a rehab clinic as 15-year-old Jonathan tells his own story of struggle with drug addiction.

Mí Fango, Mí Cerro (My Mud, My Hillside)
20 mins, Julia Mendoza Friedman, USA/Puerto Rico, 2020
Mi Fango, Mi Cerro is the story of a Puerto Rican social engagement artist and a rural hillside community he spent over a decade painting green. Although the project was destroyed by Hurricane Maria, the green houses, just like the townspeople who live inside them, are still fighting to survive.

14 mins, Andrea Rosales, Mexico, 2020
A young man begrudgingly returns to his small hometown to handle the final arrangements for his estranged father's passing. Just when he's lost all hope of finding closure, he finds one last letter from his dad.

9 mins, Jose Acevedo, USA, 2020
Edgar, a high school senior in Brooklyn, gets good news.

4pm-6pm: Shorts Program #3 – Magic Realism

15 mins, Alejandro Ariel Martin, Argentina, 2020
Epirenov is the last inhabitant on Earth. He monotonously walks around the empty desert in search of pieces necessary to build a partner. In one of his usual tours he discovers an artifact that will change his world.

Light on a Path, Follow
15 mins, Elliot Montague, USA, 2020
Joaquín, a transgender person living in rural 1990s New England, is 8 months pregnant. After encountering a mysterious spirit in the forest, Joaquín goes into labor early. Is this spirit haunting or guiding Joaquín as they await their midwife?

18 mins, Natalie Camou, USA, 2020
Louise is the young daughter of an affluent family in Southern California, 1912. Her mother's coldness pushes Louise to find solace in the arms of her governess , Marie. When Louise discovers her father is having an affair, she begins to understand the depth of her mother's pain. She tries to align with her mother, but Judith goes too far and Louise can no longer follow.

Muhamab El Zurdo (Muhamab The Left-Handed)
18 mins, Andrés Restrepo, Colombia/Argentina, 2020
Muhamab is an absurd man ruled by the randomness. He burns self-help books and count the elderly who fall down the street. One day he buys a little juice that comes without straw and decides to travel to claim it in the province where it was manufactured. There, in Tucumán, he falls in love with Luna, a history student. She will make him realize that to believe vehemently in nothing is already to believe in something.

4pm-6pm: Shorts Program #4 – Familia

18 mins, Victor M. Dueñas, USA, 2020
A young man begrudgingly returns to his small hometown to handle the final arrangements for his estranged father's passing. Just when he's lost all hope of finding closure, he finds one last letter from his dad.

Hacienda Paraíso
22 mins, Erick Castrillon, Colombia, 2020
Clara ventures back to her native town in the heart of the Colombian coffee belt to confront the ghosts of her past and heal old wounds.

Piel Canela (Cinnamon Skin)
20 mins, Michelle Salcedo, USA/Cuba, 2020
A Cuban exile returns to her homeland in search of her daughter and unravels a secret that has haunted her ever since she left twenty years before.

Remember When
15 mins, Paola Ossa, USA, 2020
When a young hispanic boy is left home alone with his 8 year old sister for the first time, he must find her when she goes missing in their unwelcoming trailer park community.

Features screening prices are $10.
Shorts program screenings are "pay what you can" with a suggested price of $5.

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